SCDC’s business is manufacturing specialist wire products by bending and machining. Our company produces wire parts for all sectors of industry. We supply a wide range of metal trellising and training equipment for viticulture, arboriculture and market gardening, to which we have now added our self-regulating, antifreeze heating cable.

Protect your vines
from the cold

The AnKhiale®

Cold snaps and frosts in spring are high-risk periods for vines, as frozen buds are a direct cause of harvest losses.

Many “antifreeze” techniques are used in the different wine regions: from candles and heaters to spraying, winegrowers will try anything to save their harvest, sometimes at great cost…

To solve this problem, we have developed the most effective solution to date: the AnKhiale® antifreeze heating cable. There is nothing better than a self-regulating heating cable!

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