Operating instructions

To make the most of this solution, the control cabinet must be positioned centrally and placed at the top of the vine rows so that the heating cable can be rolled out beneath the vine shoots and attached to the guide wire in a straight line.

After installing the cable, simply attach the heating cable to its connecting wire, connect it to the electrical cabinet and place the temperature sensor as close as possible to the vine row.

Finally, simply connect the cabinet to the general power supply and turn on the power.


AnKhiale® – the self-regulating heating cable – protects vines from frost as part of a comprehensive system comprising:

  • 1 electrical cabinetfor 9 or 21 rows, type: IP66-67 (Ingress Protection rating). Any mechanical operation carried out by a third party invalidates the IP rating guarantee,
  • Temperature-controlled heating cables up to 120 metres long, equipped with their own Rilsan connector (1 recommended per metre),

• 1 temperature sensor