Our values

Knowledge of the terrain for each vineyard,

Innovation: SCDC invents the tools you need and holds many patents,

Control of production: all items are manufactured from the finest steel in Orbais l’Abbaye,

The most efficient technologies: equipped with numerically controlled machines and a monitoring laboratory, we can produce your parts at the lowest cost,

Expertise: our modern, high-capacity production methods enable us to offer such competitive products.

Who are we?

For over 35 years, SCDC has specialised in working with all types of wire. The company originally manufactured roof tile hooks for slate roofs. Its location in Orbais l’Abbaye (Marne), at the heart of the Champagne wine region, inspired it to start producing its first wire products for winegrowing use.

Now the leader in the vine-training sector, SCDC is innovating to create all types of equipment required for vine-training and trellising and has filed numerous patents. Our equipment gives you the best results and saves you time! We offer the most comprehensive and pertinent range of vine-training products on the market. SCDC meets all your vine-training needs, from anchoring and tying up to equipment for end and row posts, extensions, stakes, wires and tools, to wine-making equipment.

With AnKhiale – the vine heating cable –  SCDC now provides a highly effective response to the need to protect vines from frost and to safeguard crops, a major challenge in the years to come.