The “antifreeze” solution for vines


ANKHIALE® is the result of close collaboration between two experts with complementary expertise:

– SCDC, a recognised authority on vines, based in the Champagne region. Manufacturer of a wide range of metal vine-training products,

– TECHNITRACE, a specialist with more than 15 years’ experience in the manufacture of self-regulating heating cables.

These two companies have combined their know-how and come together to work on a joint project: protecting vines against spring frosts and cold spells, which wither the buds and cause crop losses.

This cooperation has led to the development of a new, efficient, reliable and user-friendly solution that is perfectly adapted to vines; its name is ANKHIALE – an antifreeze self-regulating heating cable.


How does it work?


The AnKhiale heating cable is much more than a conventional frost-protection heating cable: it consists of an electrical cabinet, connecting cables, temperature-controlled heating cables and a temperature sensor.

Once installed and programmed, the AnKhiale antifreeze heating cable will be automatically activated according to the outdoor temperature threshold set in advance.

This cable adapts to temperature differences. It varies the temperature according to the different vine rows; in this way, the amount of heating required to protect the vines is always provided while reducing unnecessary energy consumption. The heat output capacity is adapted to every area. ANKHIALE is an antifreeze self-regulating heating cable.